You Are a Professional – How Professional Is Your Existing IT Support Team?

You have specifically built every area of your company to portray a professional image to your clients and to deliver a high level of quality service.

So why do you depend on less than reliable – and far from professional – computer-fix-it guys?

It’s time to level up your IT support and leverage the advice of IT consultants that have the right mix of business acumen and industry-specific technology support specialization.

The DMH Computers team works daily with a range of professional services businesses.

Why? – Three reasons.

  • Our Skillset – We know what we are doing.
  • Our Interests – We enjoy partnering with other professionals.
  • Our Clients – They keep recommending us to business associates!

We Specialize in High-Demand IT Environments. – Do You See Your Industry Listed?

Each of the following industries has unique applications, security, and compliance
requirements. We’ve taken the time and made the investment to become specialists in implementing their solutions and supporting their IT infrastructure.

  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Firms
  • Financial / Accounting Services

What About IT Support for Small to Mid-Size Businesses?

We haven’t forgotten about you! We’re proud of the small and mid-size businesses that help drive the Washington DC and Baltimore economies!

Small to mid-size businesses across a wide swath of industries make up a good portion of our client base.

Because we have experience with the more demanding IT infrastructures, security requirements, and compliance demands of professional services businesses, we have the experience and expertise to transfer those skills to a wide variety of growth-oriented companies. If you’re running a small to mid-size business that is highly dependent upon technology, we want to talk with you!

We’re certain that we can be a help in securing, optimizing, and maintaining your IT assets.

What Do You Know About Managed IT Services?

Whether you are running a professional services firm or a manufacturing facility that is reliant upon technology, you need continuous maintenance of your IT systems.


Because without proactive maintenance, expensive downtime is not just a possibility, it is guaranteed.

We don’t want you to have to lose money and productivity time – especially when that loss and headache can be avoided!

Managed IT Services is the opposite of computer break/fix services. Instead of treating your IT systems like wildfires popping up here and there, the Managed IT Services technology support strategy maintains and monitors your systems 24/7. Each anomaly within your systems is flagged and remediated before it has a chance to impact your workflow negatively.

The best part?

The Managed IT Services model is based on an easily-budgeted monthly payment, so you know exactly what you are paying each month for IT support – no surprises!

Let’s get started! Call or email to begin a no obligation conversation with one of our team.