Want Proactive IT Maintenance Without All the Bells and Whistles? – Entry Level IT Management

From the very beginning, DMH Computers has worked hard to provide holistic IT support that is affordable for the average business owner. To this end, we continue to offer a bare-bones IT Management package. When you sign up for this service, you will receive the following continuous business technology support elements.

  • Patching – Ensuring that your operating system and applications are up to date
  • Monitoring – Watching over your IT processes to spot potential issues
  • Call-In Support – Answering technology questions to keep you running efficiently

Why Does DMH Computers Offer Such a Basic IT Management Service?

  • We want your business.
  • We know not every business is ready for our bigger IT support packages.
  • We believe that a basic IT Management package is better than a break/fix solution.
  • We want to begin a small partnership now and grow that relationship as you scale your business.

Why Basic IT Management from DMH Computers Instead of a Break/Fix Computer Support Team?

By definition, something has to break in order to be fixed. For years, companies in Washington DC and Baltimore relied on computer-fix-it teams to swoop in and save the day when the company computers crashed or slowed to a crawl.

Today, doing business is different.


Because you are highly dependent upon your business technology, and you can’t tolerate unexpected, extended downtime.

Added to this is the nearly impossible task of budgeting for high and unanticipated break/fix bills.

Continuous, proactive IT management – even our no-frills Basic IT Management offering – helps ensure that you have near-zero downtime and that IT issues are addressed before they can impact your productivity.

What Does Our Basic IT Management Service Cost?

Our stripped-down, nothing fancy IT management service is priced per device that is managed by our team. You can get started with DMH Computers’ IT Management services for as little as $100.00 per user per month. Included in this price is unlimited, anti-virus/anti-malware protection, automatic patching, backup monitoring, monitoring, and call-in support.

Let’s get started! We’re happy to talk. Just call or email.