Do You Want the Most Current Pro-Business Technology Advice?

Business leaders throughout Metro DC and Baltimore have to make a choice.

Either they are going to leverage the expertise of an executive-level IT consultant, or they are going to miss out on efficiency and productivity advantages.

The options are that clear-cut.

Why? – Because of the high dependence that today’s businesses have on technology.

Now, every decision that you make is impacted by one of four factors.

  1. The capabilities of technology
  2. The cost of buying and maintaining technology
  3. The lifespan of technology
  4. The training that employees have to use technology efficiently

There are a thousand variations and scenarios, but when all the executive decisions regarding technology are examined, they all boil down to one of these four factors.

What Can Executive IT Consulting Help You Achieve?

  • Planning for IT expenditures
  • Equipping expansions and facility moves/remodels
  • Planning and executing IT projects
  • Determining efficiencies that can be gained through integration
  • Helping manage IT budgets
  • Determining workflow that can be automated
  • Setting up and servicing remote workers and satellite locations
  • Equipping expansions and facility moves/remodels

The reality is that by involving an IT consultant early on in your pro-growth plans, you can avoid IT pitfalls, make the most of your current technology, and plan appropriately for the next steps.

What Does IT Consulting Cost a Washington DC or Baltimore Area Business?

We provide our executive-level IT Consulting service in two different pricing formats.

  • IT Consulting Within Managed IT Services
    Our Managed IT Services package is our holistic, budgeted, proactive approach to IT maintenance and business technology consulting. Within this grouping of high-level IT services, we provide your executive with the information you need to make critical decisions.
  • IT Consulting à la Carte
    While the majority of our clients take advantage of our IT Consulting services within the Managed IT Services structure, there are some clients that engage our IT Consulting services on an hours plus materials basis. This is generally for a specific IT project or to supplement the skillset of their in-house IT team with a C-level IT strategist and advice.

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