How Much More Could Your Team Get Done with an Office 365 Support Professional on Your Side?

Businesses by the thousands across Metro DC and Baltimore are using Office 365. Some are utilizing it to gain more efficiency and to secure their position against their competitors. Others, unfortunately, haven’t begun to tap the potential that is housed within the Office 365 subscription.

That’s where the DMH Computers team steps into the picture.

We’ve been successfully helping companies migrate to Microsoft’s email and office productivity solutions since our inception. Once their data and emails were successfully migrated to Microsoft’s latest solution – now Office 365 – we have supported our clients’ use of the growing array of Microsoft tools.

Why Do Companies Use Microsoft Office 365?

  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Communications
  • Mobility
  • Documents, Spreadsheets, Databases
  • Scalability
  • Email

Ready to Migrate to Office 365? – We’re the Office 365 Support team for you!

You’ve decided you want to move your email or your files over to Office 365.

Now what?

The DMH Computers team is ready to help you with that process.

Here are the steps that we will take.

  • Step #1 – Evaluate and Plan the Migration
  • Step #3 – Perform the Migration in Stages
  • Step #2 – Backup Your Email or Data
  • Step #4 – Test the Completed Migration

Will a Migration to Office 365 be Disruptive to My Office?

Our IT specialists are experts at ensuring that their IT support work has little to no negative impact on your daily workflow. Any minor interruptions will be planned and will be offset by the increased efficiency and productivity that Office 365 makes possible.

What Day-to-Day Office 365 Support Does DMH Computers Provide?

As a part of our industry-leading Help Desk Services, our Office 365 specialists are on call to answer employee questions about the many applications that make up the Office 365 suite. In addition to answers about functions and features, our Office 365 support personnel are available by phone or email to troubleshoot issues related to the use of Office 365.

Office 365 Migrations and Support Isn’t the Only Thing We Do. – Check Out Our Other Essential Business Technology Support Offerings.