Help Desk Services – Not Just for When Your Computers Crash

There’s a myth out there. – It goes something like this.

“I don’t need Help Desk Services because my computers are running just fine.”

There are two problems with that statement. First, you never know when something will go wrong.

Second, you don’t really know how much time your employees are currently wasting on Google trying to find tech answers and figure out how to use their applications or hardware.

So, let’s ask the obvious question.

What Are the Advantages of Partnering with DMH Computers for Help Desk Services?

  • Local IT Specialists on Your Side
  • Answers for Your IT Questions
  • An IT Team That Answers Your Calls
  • Remote Help with Applications
  • Recovered Productivity Time
  • Troubleshooting for IT Issues

How is DMH Computers’ Help Desk Services Different from Calling a Break/Fix IT Company?

  • Hope – When you call DMH Computers, you don’t have to hope that we’ll make time for your problems. We deliver.
  • Service Level Agreement – Our team operates in accordance with a predetermined agreement that sets realistic expectations for all parties.
  • Budgeted Pricing – A monthly, budgetable subscription payment provides you and your employees with unlimited calls or emails to our Help Desk team.
  • Existing and Growing Relationship – Our team works seamlessly with your staff and understands your internal processes – saving time in addressing IT issues.
  • Aligned Interests – Because of our subscription Help Desk model, it’s in our best interest to help you be efficient and productive. This is in stark contrast to break/fix companies that make their money when your systems are down.

What Does Help Desk Services Cost a Washington DC or Baltimore Area Business?

Our Managed IT Services package is our holistic, budgeted, proactive approach to IT maintenance and business technology consulting. Help Desk Services is just one of the high-quality IT services packed into our Managed IT Services packages. Managed IT Services including Help Desk Services – are priced per device that we manage and according to the complexity of your IT environment.

Help Desk Services Isn’t the Only Thing We Do. – Check Out Our Other Essential Business Technology Support Offerings.